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Michigan Ross MBA Interview Questions & Report: Round 1 / Alumnus / Zoom

The interviewer was a 2016 alumni. The conversation was super friendly and he seemed genuinely interested in connecting and getting to know me. I had previously sent my resume through the school platform, and he had previous access to that.

He presented himself and told me the interview would last for 35/40 minutes.

He asked me the following questions:
– Walk me through your resume.
– Why MBA? (he really insisted and dug deep on this one)
– Why Ross?
– Failure story.
– Story about dealing with different cultures.

He sometimes asked me to detail some of the points I told in my stories.

Ending the 40 min interview, he then opened for questions. For my surprise, he was extremely open and willing to answer my questions in a super detailed way. The Q&A part lasted for another 40 min. Luckily I had previously prepared a list of questions to ask – I literally asked all of the questions, since the conversation kept going super well.

Overall, I left the interview happy with the connection I made with the interviewer, but a little bit nervous because I did not really respond well (IMO) to the why MBA and to the story about dealing with different cultures.

Result: I got in with a Full Ride. Surprised because it was my first interview, but super happy with the outcome. I think having a similar background and similar interests helped me connect with the interviewer, which possibly helped on this outcome.

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