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Kellogg MBA Class of 2024 Profile: Exemplifying Kellogg Leadership

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Kellogg School of Management has released MBA Class of 2024 profile. The school noted in the report, “We are excited to welcome this new class of students who exemplify what it means to be a Kellogg Leader. They not only uphold Kellogg’s rigorous standard of academic excellence, but they demonstrate the unique combination of analytical, creative and social intelligence that sets our graduates apart time and time again.” 

Here are some highlights of the class profile:

Kellogg MBA Class Profile: Undergraduate Background

Average Undergraduate GPA 3.7
Percent majoring in humanities 24%
Percent majoring in science, technology, engineering, and math 38%
Percent majoring in business/economics 45%

Kellogg MBA Class of 2024 GMAT & GRE Statistics

Average GMAT Score 729
GMAT Score Range 620 – 780
GRE Quant Median 163
GRE Quant Range 148 – 170
GRE Verbal Median 162
GRE Verbal Range 150 – 170

Kellogg MBA Class Profile: Student Characteristics

Women 48%
International Students 38%
U.S. Minorities 37%
Average Work Experience 62 months

Diverse Representation 

International students make up 38 percent of students this year. Women comprise 48 percent of the Kellogg MBA Class of 2024, again nearing gender parity. Eight percent of the new group of students represent LBGTQ+.

Based on federal guidelines, 17 percent of the MBA students are Asian Americans and 11 percent are Hispanic/Latinx. Four percent are Black/African American and another four percent identify as multi-race students.

Undergraduate and Professional Background

During their undergraduate years, 45 percent of the Kellogg MBA Class of 2024 had studied business or commerce. Thirty-eight percent majored in a STEM discipline followed by 24 percent in humanities. GPAs, based on U.S. schools that use a 4.0 scale, ranged from 2.6 to 4.0 with the average GPA landing at 3.7.

When it came time to take the GMAT, Kellogg MBAs averaged a score of 729. GMAT scores ranged from 620 to 760. For those who decided to take the GRE, they earned a median Quant score of 163 and median Verbal score of 162.

The incoming MBA class averages just over five years of work experience. Consulting was the most popular pre-MBA industry, covering 24 percent of students’ work history. Nineteen percent came from financial services followed by 17 percent from tech. The sectors of government/education/non-profit, consumer products, and healthcare/biopharma each saw seven percent of Kellogg MBA students before matriculating.

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