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Real Humans of the Chicago Booth MBA Class of 2024

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This edition of our Real Humans: MBA Students series introduces some new members of the Chicago Booth MBA Class of 2024.

The five students profiled here matriculated along with 616 other MBA candidates out of 4,352 applicants. Forty percent of the new class are women and 37 percent are international, representing 57 countries. Based on Federal reporting guidelines, 30 percent of U.S. students and permanent residents in the class identify as Asian American, four percent as Black/African American, 10 percent as Hispanic/Latinx, and four percent as multi-race.

During their undergraduate years, the new crop of candidates averaged a GPA of 3.6. A quarter had majored in business and another quarter had majored in economics. Engineering was a close third, at 24 percent. Thirteen percent had studies liberal arts and nine percent pursued physical sciences.

New Chicago Booth MBA students averaged an age of 28 and five years of work experience upon matriculation. A quarter of the class came from consulting followed by 19 percent from financial services. Eleven percent had worked in the non-profit/government sector. Six percent hailed from the healthcare industry and five percent from private equity/venture capital. Other students had worked in energy, accounting and other fields.

When it came time to take the GMAT, the Chicago Booth MBA Class of 2024 averaged a score of 729 and scores ranged from 600 to 780. The 26 percent who decided to take the GRE submitted average scores of 164 Quant and 163 Verbal.

Get to know the class behind the stats in the following pages.

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