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Real Humans of the NYU Stern MBA Class of 2024

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This edition of Real Humans: MBA Students takes us to New York City to meet some of the newest members of the NYU Stern School of Business MBA Class of 2024.

324 students comprise the Stern MBA Class of 2024. Forty-five percent are women and 44 percent are international or dual citizens. Forty-seven percent of the class are U.S. minority students, and 21 percent are historically underrepresented minorities.

Twenty-seven percent of students in the Stern MBA Class of 2024 hold undergraduate degrees in business, while 25 percent majored in engineering, math, or science. Twenty-one percent had studied the social sciences and another 15 percent had majored in economics. Twelve percent had pursued humanities, arts or other subjects during their undergraduate years. The average undergraduate GPA of students in this class is 3.62, with the 80 percent range spanning 3.34 to 3.89 and 100 percent spanning 3.03 to 4.0.

Upon entering the MBA program, the 98 percent of students with work experience had an average of five years of it. Twenty-four percent of the Class of 2024 worked in financial services prior to joining Stern; other well-represented pre-MBA industries included consulting at 12 percent; consumer products/retail, and military/gov’t at eight percent each, and nonprofit, arts, and education at six percent. Another seven percent came from technology.

When it came time to take the GMAT, 49.4 percent opted to do so. The Stern MBA class averaged a score of 733, the highest in the school’s history, and 80 percent of students scored between 700 and 760 on the GMAT. For the 21 percent who opted to take the GRE, they averaged 163 in the Quant section and 162 in the Verbal section. NYU Stern accepts an array of standardized tests; nearly four percent of applicants submitted MCAT/LSAT/DAT, nine percent took the Executive Assessment, and roughly 16 percent received test waivers.

Read on for accounts from new “Sternies” about their admissions journeys, the student culture and more.

Lauren Wakal
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