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Wire Taps 251—690, should they retake? Indian corporate lawyer. Targeting the trilogy (HSW)

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Our latest episode of the Clear Admit podcast begins with Alex reviewing the upcoming MBA admissions deadlines for this week, which include Stanford, Yale SOM, Northwestern / Kellogg and NYU / Stern. Graham then makes a plea for listeners to take a new survey we have published which asks about brand perceptions for each of the top programs. More details are here: (Note: Amazon gift cards are available to some of the respondents!) Graham then highlighted the new class profiles for Columbia and Duke / Fuqua, which led to your hosts debating some of the inconsistencies in reporting these numbers across programs, and how frustrating that can be. Graham also mentioned the recently published Adcom Q&As for Yale SOM, Austin / McCombs and Minnesota / Carlson, as well as a piece we published on interview locations for each of the top programs. It looks like many top programs are sticking with virtual interviews (at least as an option). Graham then commented on the Real Humans piece for Cornell / Johnson, which is great reading for anyone applying to that program.

Before moving into the usual candidate profiles, Alex asked Graham a question about whether a candidate should disclose a DUI (criminal conviction) in their application, even if the school does not explicitly ask. This led to some interesting debate…   Graham then highlighted the upcoming essay workshop series, which includes three events, and begins this week, on Wednesday  with Berkeley / Haas, Yale SOM, Chicago / Booth, Cornell / Johnson, and Wharton.   Signups are here:

As usual, this WireTaps episode features three real candidate profile reviews, taken from recent ApplyWire entries.

First up, Alex selects a candidate who appears to have a pretty decent profile for the programs they are targeting, but their GMAT is 690. It might be enough to gain admissions, but we really think it makes sense to retake the test if they feel there’s any opportunity to increase the score. This may make their current target programs more accessible and also could provide more opportunity for programs in the next tier. This week’s second candidate is a corporate lawyer from India. Their GMAT is 710, and they plan to retake, and spread their applications over Round 1 and 2. Graham highlighted the rationale for a lawyer who wants to seek an MBA, using a ‘referee’ analogy. Finally, Alex picked out what appears to be an outstanding candidate who is only targeting the “trilogy” of Harvard, Stanford and Wharton. A little risky, but there is a lot to like. They are over-represented, but they have already applied in Round 1.

690, should they retake?

Indian corporate lawyer

Targeting the trilogy (HSW)

Happy listening!

Clear Admit MBA Admissions Podcast
Clear Admit MBA Admissions Podcast
Wire Taps 251—690, should they retake? Indian corporate lawyer. Targeting the trilogy (HSW)

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This episode was hosted by Graham Richmond and Alex Brown, and produced by Dennis Crowley. Thanks to all of you who’ve been joining us!

Alex Brown
Alex is a co host for Clear Admit's Wire Taps podcast. He has spent 30 years in the MBA admissions industry, and authored the book: Becoming a Clear Admit: The Definitive Guide to MBA Admissions