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CBS Interview Questions & Report: Early Decision / Alumnus / Off-Campus

I was paired up with my interviewer via the Columbia portal. We set a date and time, but not a location until the day before. The interviewer was an active corporate executive in my area and I was flexible with the scheduling process. Interview was slated for 45 minutes ended up going 75. We met at a shop in town.

1. The interview started off with them telling me about their career progression and how they got where they are now.
2. Then the interview began with what questions I had for them or about CBS.
3. Why MBA? Why Now?
4. Why CBS? Why NYC?
5. Very Very specific questions about things on my resume.
6. Asked what I would improve upon if I was running the school.
7. A time where a process I implemented succeeded.
8. A time where I was faced with a problem and how I overcame that problem.
9. A few more very specific questions about the above two questions.
10. Anything I wanted them to add?
11. Time for more questions.

Hope this helps, the alum interview was definitely different from what I expected. but I actually really enjoyed it. Was absolutely more of a conversation than an interview. Great way to evaluate candidates, make them not realize they’re being evaluated.

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