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Chicago Booth Interview Questions & Report: Round 1 / Alumnus / Zoom

I had a lot of help from Clear Admit, so I thought I might pay it forward.

Very nice interviewer.
He started by introducing himself. What year he graduated. What he does at his current job.

Questions were:
– Walk me through your resume.
– (Then he stopped me and asked – Who is the biggest player in the industry?)
– Tell me more about the AI project you did.
– Why MBA?
– Why now?
– Where did they do their MBA?
– What’s your short-term and long-term goal?
– Why Chicago?
– What will you contribute at Chicago?
– What classes are you interested in at Chicago?
– Did you know that Chicago was in the news recently?
– Tell me more about the charity you founded.
– What are you doing there now?
– Tell me more about the charity you are a member of.
– Why engineering?
– What can you tell me about your current boss?
– What would your current boss say about you?
– What would your friends say about you?
– What’s your favourite thing about your hobby? (Turned out he’s really well read in that area)
– Can you tell me what’s special about the country you were: born in, grew up in, and working in?
– What’s not in the resume that you would like me to know?
– What else do you want to add?

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