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Meet the New Director: Inside MBA Career Services at Georgetown McDonough

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Do you have any advice for prospective applicants in terms of what they might do in advance of the MBA program to be better prepared for the job search process? In your experience, do you find that students who have done x, y or z before arriving on campus have a more successful experience with career services and the job search as a whole?

CM: Know yourself and your goals for pursuing an MBA. I recognize this is a simple statement but is incredibly complex and is a process that takes time. Try not to compare yourself to your peers; try to only measure your success by the milestones and goals you have set for yourself, taking into consideration that what worked for some may not work for you. Also, you need to nail your “tell me about yourself” response prior to September when recruitment begins. Employers want to see that you know yourself and the work that you are selecting to pursue. Build time in for reflection and identify what has worked and what hasn’t worked as you progress through the program.

The career courses offered over the summer prior to your first year of the MBA will guide you through steps that the collective McDonough career center team believes will help set you up for success. Take full advantage of it!

Are there any myths about Georgetown McDonough post-MBA choices you’d like to debunk?

CM: While many may expect our location in the capital city of Washington, D.C., to drive careers in politics and government work, most MBAs from McDonough do not go into government and non-profit jobs. In fact, the Flex post-MBA data reflected the following top three fields of employment: financial services, consulting, and technology. The data also revealed that 45% changed companies, 45% changed job titles, 47% changed functions, and 28% changed industries at four months post-graduation.

Our Full-time MBA career outcomes data reflects strong outcomes in financial services, consulting, and technology as well. We have resourced the career center intentionally to support these trends. It is not accidental that students are successful in these three industries.

What opportunities can Georgetown McDonough Full-time and Flex MBA students expect in regards to competitive fields?

CM: Georgetown McDonough continues to strengthen employer relationships with leading firms and companies across a variety of industries. I encourage you to review last year’s employment report – and our upcoming 2022 MBA Employment Report later this month – to see a full list of employers who have hired a McDonough student for full-time and internship opportunities over the last three years. Additionally, Georgetown Venture Fellows Program offers a unique one-year apprenticeship in a venture capital firm. Through this program, Georgetown students gain valuable hands-on experience in venture capital that can translate into full-time offers. In 2022, the Venture Fellows Program engaged 13 MBA students at nine venture capital firms.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

CM: Look for the 2022 MBA Employment Report which will be published this month — it tells a story of the impact and integration of the McDonough MBA that allows graduates to achieve the success they do with the plethora of resources and opportunities available to them.

Learn more about the Full-time and Flex MBA at Georgetown McDonough today.

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