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Michigan Ross Interview Questions & Report: Round 1 / Alumnus / Zoom

I had my interview with a 2019 alum. He was in fact very responsive and quick in setting up time. We scheduled an hour, but when we started he said we will do 30-40 mins of Q/A and then questions for him:

1. Started with tell me about yourself and overview of resume.
2. Short-term and long term goals?
3. Why MBA?
4. Why Ross? why now?

Then we jumped to behavioural questions:

5. Time when you didn’t know anything in project and still went ahead.
6. Time when some colleague disagreed.
7. Time when there was a team conflict and how you handled it.
8. Your biggest leadership accomplishment?
9. Time when you have to make someone feel included.
10. Questions for him.

He didn’t cross-question me anywhere, but shared his similar stories or appreciated when something was interesting or relatable. In the end, he wished me good luck for the process.

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