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Chicago Booth MBA Interview Questions & Report: Round 1 / Alumnus / Off-Campus

Overall the alum wasn’t responsive in the email. It took them two days to respond to my initial email to set up a meeting arrangement. So once that was finally set, I didn’t hear from him. He showed up a little late to the meeting, and he did apologize; however, the good thing is that he was chill. It was a casual conversation, and he asked the basics “Why MBA, Why Booth, Short-Term/Long-Term goals, and How do you plan to use Booth for your future goals.” But to be clear, it was very casual. He didn’t grill me or try to test how well I knew Booth. When I emailed him after the interview, his response was relatively dry, even when I told him I was admitted. Overall, from what I have heard, Boothies 2010 or less tend to be on the dry/traditional side of interviews. Boothies 2011 and greater are super supportive and throw fun interviews. My partner also interviewed a 2021 alum, and his experience was completely different. They went out to a bar for drinks and didn’t even talk about B-School.

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