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Berkeley Haas MBA Interview Questions & Report: Round 1 / Alumnus / Google Meet

Interview date – Nov 2nd 2022
Result – Admitted

I have heard that Haas interviews have 1 or 2 unexpected questions. I felt it during my interview as well. Haas gives importance to diversity – that is evident from their website and they ask a question related to DEI in the interview for sure. The interview was scheduled for 45 minutes, but went for more than an hour. The interviewer was writing down a few points in between. The interview was neither very casual nor very strict. It was a healthy discussion.

Here are the questions I was asked:
1. Walk me through your resume – in a high level.
2. Why MBA and Why Haas?
3. How would you contribute to diversity at Haas? Any previous experience you have related to the same?
4. TMAT when the team’s morale was low and what did you do?
5. What is the biggest accomplishment from your work and what did you learn from it?
6. TMAT when you faced ethical dilemma – if you have not faced any, we can skip this question. I will ask something else.
7. If given an opportunity, what would you do different in your life till now?
8. Anything else you want to share with me?
9. Do you have questions for me?

The interviewer was a 2007 alumnus. He had access only to my resume. 4th and 6th questions I didn’t meet his expectations, so he asked me more questions from the list he had.

NOTE: Keep your passport handy.

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