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USC Marshall MBA Interview Questions & Report: Round 2 / Zoom

They asked if they could record me for the panel to view it later.

1. Ice breaker question.
2. Asked about my current position and future career goals.
3. Asked what I would bring different to the program.
4. Asked how I would handle a situation where my group didn’t agree on something on a project or didn’t get along.
5. Asked if I gravitate toward being a leader if everyone in my group had the same personality or if I would take a back seat.
6. Asked about my time management.
7. Asked what I looked for in a program if I were to get admitted to all the programs I applied to.
8. Asked about my math skills.

Interviewer was great and had a good laugh during the interview. She was very straight to the point, which I liked, and gave great insight to the questions I had about the program.

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Schools: USC / Marshall

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