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HEC Paris & Columbia University Climate School Join Forces with New Double Degree

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HEC Paris and Columbia University Climate School have launched a double degree masters program to prepare students for the ecological realities awaiting them in the business world and beyond. Students earn two degrees: the Master in Management (MiM) from HEC Paris and the Master of Arts (MA) in Climate and Society from Columbia University.

The program, which begins in the fall of 2023, recognizes that dual skills in management and climate science are necessary for leaders of companies, NGOs, and governments to address the climate crisis. The program offers students a systemic understanding of our changing climate and the impact it’s having through political science, economics, management, financial management, and quantitative analysis. 

The double degree program is available to students attending the HEC Paris campus. Those who enter after the preparatory class competitive exam would take the full slate of courses in the pre-master year and the first year of the master program over four semesters, while those who start in the master cycle take their first year over two semesters. HEC’s master in management curriculum spends the first year on the broad field of business and management with a variety of mandatory core courses in general management, along with a range of electives. There is a waiver system for students to access more advanced courses and electives as well. HEC’s program includes an optional gap year, during which students can take advantage of personal and business development activities, including jobs or internships. 

To complete the double degree program, students would next begin the Masters in Climate & Society run by Columbia’s Climate School in the United States. The MA in Climate and Society is a 12-month interdisciplinary program whose core courses build a foundation for scientific inquiry. The curriculum stresses interdisciplinary problem-solving to address the climate crisis, and elective courses allow students to tailor the program to their interests and apply climate knowledge to other facets of business. The three-semester schedule begins in the fall with full-time classes through spring and then an internship or a capstone and coursework over the summer. 

“We are really happy with this new double degree between HEC and the highly prestigious Columbia Climate School,” stated Yann Algan, Dean of Pre-Experience programs at HEC Paris, in the school’s press release. “The course is unique in that it combines the very best of our two institutions to provide a multi-disciplinary perspective on climate issues, as well as the managerial and entrepreneurial methods for finding solutions to these challenges with a very strong impact on society. It’s a great opportunity for students from both institutions to undertake a transformative action on the climate at all levels and in every industry.”

Dr. Mingfang Ting, Professor of Climate and Co-Senior Director of Education at Columbia Climate School, also noted: “Columbia Climate School strives to develop a diverse learning community deeply committed to addressing the challenges the world faces as a result of climate change. The program is particularly proud of the dynamic academic backgrounds represented in the degree, which includes students from the social sciences, natural sciences and humanities. HEC Paris students will build upon our strengths and bring a unique lens to our interdisciplinary learning environment given their strong foundation in management from an esteemed global business school.”

HEC Paris recently revamped their Master in Management program with a new curriculum that centers around the ecological challenges facing society, so joining forces with the Climate School felt like a natural next step. Columbia University Climate School is the first of its kind in the United States, drawing on the Ivy League’s transdisciplinary research and innovation resources as well as the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory and the Earth Institute to advance science and solutions to policymakers.

Read the full announcement here.

Christina Griffith
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