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MIT Sloan MBA Class of 2025 Profile: Critical Diversity

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The 409-member MIT Sloan MBA Class of 2025 was assembled with the program’s goal of building teams of students with a variety of skills and experience. “This diversity is critical to the MBA experience. Together, we benefit from the many perspectives our MBA and LGO students from all over the world bring to the community,” the report opens.

Diverse Demographics

The MBA class came close to gender parity, with 46 percent of the students being women. International students comprise 40 percent of the class, representing 60 countries. The U.S. students are also a diverse group, with 28 percent classified as underrepresented minorities. Under federal reporting guidelines, 10 percent of the class are Black Americans, 18 percent are Hispanic, and 5 percent are multi-race. Multi-dimensional reporting, which allows students to identify their varied cultural backgrounds instead of assigning themselves to a single ethnicity or race, reveals that 2 percent are also American Indian, Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian, or other Pacific Islander. 

MIT MBA Class of 2025 Profile: Student Characteristics

Women 46%
Countries Represented (by citizenship) 60
International Students 40%
Average Work Experience 5 Years

Academic and Professional Excellence

The Sloan MBA Class of 2025 boasts a wide range of undergraduate backgrounds. A third had majored in engineering followed by 18 percent in economics. Another 16 percent had studied business and 12 percent earned degrees in science and math. Social sciences and the humanities cover eight percent of the new class’s undergrad studies. Their median undergraduate GPA is 3.61. 

The median GMAT score of 729, though 1 point down from last year, is coupled with a middle 80 percent range of 700-760, a 10-point increase on the low end, indicating higher scores overall for admits. It’s important to note for test scores this year that MIT is still operating with relaxed testing requirements as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Some applicants were allowed to apply and be admitted without a test score. This data represents only those students who applied and were admitted with a test score.

MIT Sloan MBA Class Profile: Undergraduate Background

Median Undergraduate GPA 3.61
Percent majoring in engineering 33%
Percent majoring in economics 18%
Percent majoring in business 16%
Percent majoring in science & math 12%
Percent majoring in humanities, social sciences 8%

MIT MBA Class of 2025 Profile: GMAT & GRE Statistics

Median GMAT Score 729
GMAT Score (Middle 80%) 700-760
GRE Quant Range (Middle 80%) 157-168
GRE Verbal Range (Middle 80%) 155-167

The MBA class brings an average of 5 years of work experience to the program. The largest cohort, at 26 percent, comes from a consulting background, followed closely by 23 percent with experience in technology-related fields, including computers, electronics, software, internet, and telecom. Seventeen percent worked in financial services, 10 percent in government/education/nonprofit sectors, and 7 percent in pharma/healthcare/biotech fields. 

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