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Texas McCombs MBA Class of 2025 Profile

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The University of Texas at Austin McCombs School of Business has released its MBA Class of 2025 profile. The new MBA cohort numbers 241 students and includes 36 consortium members, 61 Forté MBA Fellows, and 15 dual-degree students, promising to bring a diverse array of experience and perspectives to the program.

Out of U.S. students, 35 percent represent a minority, and 18 percent are historically underrepresented minority students. Thirty-five percent of students are women, and international students make up 26 percent of the class. An impressive 20 percent are first-generation college students, and 14 percent of the students are active-duty U.S. military or veterans. 

McCombs MBA Class of 2025 Profile: Student Characteristics

Women 35%
International Students 26%
Average Work Experience 5.9 Years

Academic and Professional Excellence 

The Texas McCombs MBA class hails from 152 different undergraduate institutions, and their average undergraduate GPA stands at 3.46. Their academic backgrounds span various disciplines, with 35 percent majoring in business or economics and 32 percent in STEM fields. Another 13 percent had studied humanities, and 20 percent pursued other majors. Seventeen percent of students already hold an advanced degree. On average, students matriculated with 5.9 years of work experience at an average age of 29. 

The average GMAT score this year landed at 704, just a 2-point slip from last year’s class. For those who took the GRE, the average Verbal score is 160, and the average Quant score is 161. 

McCombs MBA Class Profile: Undergraduate Background

Average Undergraduate GPA 3.46
Percent majoring in business/economics 35%
Percent majoring in STEM 32%
Percent majoring in humanities 13%

McCombs MBA Class of 2025 Profile: GMAT & GRE Statistics

Average GMAT Score 704
GMAT Score (Middle 80%) 670-740
GRE Quant Average 161
GRE Verbal Average 160
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