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Dartmouth Tuck MBA Employment Report: Class of 2023 Performs Well in Challenging Economy

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The Dartmouth Tuck MBA Class of 2023 employment report reveals an impressive 96 percent of job seekers securing employment offers within three months of graduation, underscoring the program’s success in preparing graduates for the current business climate.

“These healthy employment numbers are a testament to the strong combination of skills—coveted by top companies in every industry—that Tuck graduates offer. No matter their post-MBA path, Tuck MBAs have a high likelihood of success,” said executive director of Career Services Stephen Pidgeon (T’07) in the school’s coverage. “These outcomes are also a testament to our tremendous and experienced team of career advisors, the dedicated Tuck alumni network, and the entire class of 2023—who showed up and supported one another in their recruiting journeys.”

Of the year’s 295 Tuck graduates, 261 (88 percent) reported seeking employment. Of those not seeking employment, five percent were company sponsored or already employed, and three percent are going on to start their own businesses. This year’s median base salary for graduates stands at $175,000, with 83 percent of the class receiving sign-on bonuses at a median payout of $30,000, yielding total median compensation that matches last year’s record class

Industry and Regional Placement

Consulting emerged as the leading sector, attracting 46 percent of graduates with a median annual base salary of $190,000. Financial services followed with 23 percent, 14 percent of whom pursued investment banking. Candidates who pursued financial services landed a median base salary of $175,000. The technology sector captured 14 percent of graduates with a median salary of $160,500. Health care, pharma, and biotechnology, as well as consumer goods and retail, rounded out the top five industry choices, each recruiting 6 percent of graduates.

Dartmouth Tuck MBA Employment Report:
Top 5 Industry Placement

Consulting 46%
Financial Services 23%
Technology 14%
Healthcare, Pharma, Biotech 6%
Consumer Goods & Retail 6%

The Northeast U.S. proved to be a popular location to begin careers, with 53 percent of graduates securing employment in the region, predominantly in New York City and Boston. The West, Midwest, and Southwest regions also saw significant numbers of Tuck MBAs move there, with median base salaries of $175,000, $170,500, and $182,500, respectively. The South boasted the highest salaries at a median $192,000 for the six percent of graduates who chose to relocate there, while the Mid-Atlantic region saw five percent of the class take positions with a median annual salary of $170,500. Additionally, five percent of graduates explored international opportunities, reporting a median base salary of $120,981.

Dartmouth Tuck MBA Employment Report:
U.S. Regional Placement

Northeast 53%
West 14%
Midwest 10%
Southwest 8%
South 6%
Mid-Atlantic 5%
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