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Fridays From the Frontline: My Mod-Away in Chile

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In business school, experiential learning extends beyond campus to international projects. In this edition from Fridays from the Frontline, Notre Dame Mendoza student, Bailey Harrison, sums up her MBA study abroad experience in Chile.

My Mod-Away in Chile

By: Bailey Harrison, Notre Dame MBA Class of 2024

Notre Dame Mendoza’s Mod Away program has allowed me to grow personally and professionally within a supportive environment. During our seven weeks in Chile, we participated in four courses: International Marketing, International Economics, International Finance and Chilean Business Immersion. Each International course focuses on Chilean (and more generally Latin American) market conditions and how to appeal to consumers within this region, using case studies to discuss course concepts.

The professors often invited guest speakers from multinational corporations to discuss the intricacies of launching new products in Latin American countries, different cultural considerations in advertising and how to apply various micro- and macroeconomic theories to understand the current economic conditions in Latin America. The Chilean Business Immersion course consisted of a Spanish language course as well as various networking opportunities with key decision makers in Chile.

This year, we had the opportunity to meet with MBA students studying at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, tour Banco Central de Chile and learn more about how the Holy Cross Congregation operates in Chile. But, I didn’t just expand my professional network and skillset! Our professors and guest speakers also discussed what it was like to be an expatriate: the challenging, but rewarding, experience of working abroad.

I hope to one day take advantage of an international assignment within my company, so this was an excellent chance for me to get a small taste of living abroad as well as ask industry leaders about their triumphs and challenges as an expatriate.

I also had the opportunity to travel, both in Chile and elsewhere in Latin America, and experience the distinct cultures of the places I visited. Some of my favorite adventures were exploring Machu Picchu while wild llamas roamed the lost city, attending a tango lesson in Buenos Aires, horseback riding in Mendoza and kayaking through marble caves in Patagonia.

It has truly been the experience of a lifetime and I’m so thankful I took advantage of this opportunity!

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