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Berkeley Haas MBA Interview Questions & Report: Round 2 / Alumna / Zoom

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It was a very positive experience overall. At the outset of my interview, I encountered difficulties joining the Google Meet session and later faced persistent internet connectivity issues, unfortunately. However, my interviewer demonstrated great understanding throughout. We managed to proceed partially with the interview despite the challenges, but she eventually had to conclude due to a prior commitment. She kindly suggested rescheduling to delve deeper into our discussion. Her friendly demeanor and reassurance that such hiccups are common made me feel at ease. Subsequently, we reconvened, seamlessly picking up where we had left off, and successfully concluded the interview.

Here are the questions that were posed during the interview:

– Introduction
– Long-term and Short-term Goals?
– Why Haas / Why MBA / Why now?
– Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Experience?
– Tell me about a time when you had a heated argument/discussion and were proven wrong. How did you react? What actions did you take? How did you feel?
– Tell me about a time when you influenced someone to collaborate on a project outside of their scope.
– Describe a moment when you took a risk in your professional career.
– Any Questions for me?

Towards the end of the conversation, after she answered my questions, she inquired about the other schools to which I had applied. I provided an honest response that I have applied to 5 schools including Haas and named them. I also emphasized the rationale behind my choices and highlighted that they were not arbitrary selections or solely based on prestige. Additionally, she asked if I had received interviews from any of the other four schools. I openly shared that I had interviewed at one additional institution, specifying its name, and mentioned that I am currently awaiting responses from the other schools. Although this conversation occurred more informally towards the end, it may have been part of the interview process.

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