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INSEAD MBA Interview Questions & Report: Round 2 / Alumni / Online

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Two alumni interviewed me separately online via Google Meet (I picked this virtual platform since both of them are using Gmail so it’s easier and does not have time duration limit as Zoom does). Both interviews are résumé and application-form based, as the AdCom required candidates to send the latest resume & the application form to the interviewers.

The interview questions are pretty structured. First, introduction of your experience (focusing on work experience).

Second, questions around your resume: Introducing one of your work projects that you feel very proud of and why?; Introducing one challenge in your life that it took quite an effort to overcome; Other questions are around why you switched your positions within the organization you are in or why you switched your jobs(reasons for changing positions/jobs); They will also ask you are there any other aspects/things you want to highlight that isn’t displayed in your resume?

Third, questions about your life: What do you love to do outside of work? What’s your passion?

Fourth, motivation related: What are your goals post-MBA? What’s your plan B if you couldn’t fulfill your immediate goals? How do you see the value of MBA considering the gloomy economic conditions and job market, how do you evaluate the risks and returns?

Last, any questions you want to ask the alumni.

The overall interview process is very conversational, interactive and iterative, they will ask follow-up questions based on your answers and comment on your response; Alumni are very kind and generous about sharing their school experience with you and willing to connect with you post-interview. I would suggest researching your interviewers on LinkedIn and looking through their work experience before the interview, and connect with them afterwards and send thank-you and keep them posted on your admission status.

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