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INSEAD’s Limitless Women’s Campaign 2024: Ambition Has No Gender

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To mark International Women’s Day on March 8th, INSEAD’s Limitless 2024 campaign set the spotlight on women determined to advance gender equity and succeed economically, politically, and personally. The annual Limitless campaign shares the stories of women who serve as role models for the next generation. This year’s theme is Ambition Has No Gender. INSEAD stands behind the promise of education to empower individuals, shape lives, and spark change. These extraordinary women embody that promise, positively impacting their communities and the world. 

Meet the six women highlighted in Limitless 2024, each with an inspiring journey trailblazing a unique path to innovation, entrepreneurship, and transformative leadership. 

Ausie Widawati, MIM ‘24: Ausie Widawati, from Indonesia, is a current student and looking forward to a career in consulting and product management once she graduates in June. She is a passionate learner, with an interest in technology and environmental science. She enjoys K-Pop and anime, but is a creator in her own right, drawing manga and performing musical theater. 

“I refuse to let factors such as nationality, and academic background get in the way,” she declares.

Shivani Kannabhiran, MBA ‘00: Shivani Kannabhiran is the Director CEO Office of the European Climate Foundation and a sernior expert in human rights and the global environmental impacts of agriculture, food production, and mineral and cobalt mining. While she bills herself as a “foodie,” her primary interest is in transforming the global food system to meet climate and development goals “You don’t have all the answers. Surround yourself with others who complement you,” Kannabhiran says. “I believe that solving these problems can only be done collaboratively using science, data and innovation.”

Frances Oyinade Ola, EMBA’22: An experienced project manager with an extensive background in the banking, oil, and energy industries, Frances Oyinade Ola is a formidable business development professional, and, a fitness enthusiast! Her skill in petroleum and finance markets as well as trading, finance, and portfolio management, puts her at the pinnacle of marketing and strategy. One of her guiding principles is, “Authenticity never goes out of style.”

Daniele Raugi, TGM’21:A proud mother and culture leader from Brazil, Daniele Raugi is the Global Head of People & Culture Sanofi Vaccines & Europe at Sanofi. She has a passion for working with, leading, and developing leaders who want to make a positive impact. She has a prized ability to work with them along this journey, relate to their challenges, and maxi ise their potential and that of their organizations. For Raugi, it’s all about the actionable good: “I used to think I had to prove myself. Now I know it’s about going beyond, to achieve impact.”

Nathalie Parent, IDP’22: Nathalie Parent carries over 30 years of experience in human resources for primarily high-growth software companies. She has mastered global leadership in Europe, Canada, and the UK for companies like Selligent, SAP, Corel and IBM Cognos. She’s also worked across a variety of corporate structures, from large public companies to smaller private organizations, each with their own growth and profit objectives. Parent sees herself as an explorer, and has sound advice for others seeking potential paths: “Make your intention known. It’s important, if you’ve got a carer goal, to let it be known.”

Viviana Mitrache-Rimbault, COL’22: As the deputy director of parliamentary affairs at the French Insurance Federation, Viviana Mitrache-Rimbault bears the responsibility of supervising the parliamentary, legislative and regulatory activities of the organization and defining its lobbying and political strategies. Her master’s degree in public law and political sciences from the Pantheon-Assas University in Paris, plus her degree in French and European political communication, are a testament to her passion about her work and her competitive spirit. But there is more to Mitrache-Rimbault, as she is also an optimist, is passionate about tennis and fashion, and as a model, has a unique perspective on beauty and responsibility: “Leadership is about enjoying the beauty of your own imperfection.”

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