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HEC Paris

HEC Paris & Launching a Life in France: Georgina Young, HEC Paris MBA/MPA ‘19

Sponsored Content We continue ”HEC Paris & Launching a Life in Paris” with more insights into how the HEC Paris MBA is an ideal vehicle for change—62 percent of the recent graduating class changed their location with nearly a quarter settling in France. For Georgina Young, HEC Paris MBA/MPA ’19,... Read more »

Real Numbers of MBA Admissions: Average GMAT Scores for Top European Business Schools

We’ve compiled the average GMAT scores for the top European business schools in the chart below. See where your GMAT score lands or, if you have yet to take the GMAT, get a sense of what score you need to target to be competitive. Business school admissions use the GMAT... Read more »

HEC Paris & Launching a Life in France: Clare Cartwright, HEC Paris MBA ’20

Je ne regrette rien. Translation: I have no regrets. Where did you grow up? Where did you go to school? Did you study geography in class and marvel at the globe? Where did you imagine living or working or visiting? How have you stepped outside of your culture recently? What... Read more »

Key Takeaways from The Economist 2022 Best Full-time MBA Ranking

Harvard Business School tops The Economist’s 2022 full-time MBA ranking, as more business schools elected to participate again. As many may recall, most of the top U.S. MBA programs abstained from last year’s Economist ranking due to the pandemic. This resulted in a top-10 that was half European MBA programs... Read more »

HEC Paris: From LATAM to London

Sponsored Content The HEC Paris MBA sets students up for success in global business in just 16 months. The exposure to international business begins with the student body, which is typically comprised of up to 95% international students. Personalized career development programs also support diverse goals, as 91 percent of... Read more »

The Financial Times 2022 Global MBA Ranking: Wharton Returns on Top

The Financial Times (FT) released its rankings of the 100 best MBA programs for 2022. While COVID kept several schools on the bench last year, a total of 151 schools participated in the 2022 edition. “It’s important to remember that COVID took a toll on the rankings last year, but several... Read more »

Real Humans of the HEC Paris MBA Class of 2023

This edition of Real Humans: MBA Students introduces some new members of the MBA Class of 2023 at HEC Paris. Typically, the class size at HEC Paris hovers around 300. However, due to COVID-related deferrals, the MBA Class of 2023 numbers 378.* Thirty-five percent are women. Ninety-five percent are international... Read more »

HEC Students Tackle Climate Change Through Creative Destruction Lab-Paris

Sponsored Content HEC Paris MBAs partnered with the Creative Destructive Lab (CDL) to tackle one of society’s most pressing issues: climate change. Through CDL-Paris, MBA students and independent mentors are matched with highly scalable startups and entrepreneurs. Twenty-five startups begin the program each year and CDL-Paris helps them commercialize their... Read more »

The Week Ahead: MBA Admissions Deadlines & Decisions, November 15-19, 2021

Welcome back to the series, The Week Ahead, in which we provide a brief rundown of what is happening in MBA admissions this week and every week! Round 1 is wrapping up. Round 1 application deadlines have completed; the majority of programs have either released their interview invites, or continue... Read more »

The Week Ahead: MBA Admissions Deadlines & Interview Invites, October 11-15, 2021

Welcome back to the series, The Week Ahead, in which we provide a brief rundown of what is happening in MBA admissions this week and every week! Round 1 rolls on. Round 1 application deadlines are now underway, interview invites are also rolling out for some programs. Monday, October 11,... Read more »

The Week Ahead: MBA Admissions Deadlines, September 13-17, 2021

Welcome back to the series, The Week Ahead, in which we provide a brief rundown of what is happening in MBA admissions this week and every week! Round 1 is here. Round 1 application deadlines are now underway. Monday, September 13, Cambridge / Judge has its Round 1 deadline. Tuesday,... Read more »

HEC Women in Leadership Club Uplifts Women in the MBA Program

The HEC Paris MBA’s Women in Leadership Club (WIL) has been at work for decades on its mission to “embrace solidarity, celebrate equality.” One of the 26 student-run associations within the MBA program at HEC Paris, the club’s elections have generally been unremarkable, with students sometimes running uncontested for the role... Read more »

Weekly Refresh: Latest MBA Essay Questions, Analyzed – Plus Deadlines & Rec Forms

Welcome to Weekly Refresh, a roundup of admissions advice and updates on the Clear Admit site. In this edition, we’re catching up with essay tips, recommendation forms and deadlines released the week of July 11th. Essay Tips Drafting your application essays? See the latest of our experts’ advice in our... Read more »

HEC Paris Launches New Initiative to Empower Female Entrepreneurs in Green Transition

HEC Paris, an international business school located in France, has decided to partner with the Women’s Forum for the Economy and Society and Procter and Gamble (P&G) to start an ambitious initiative called #WomenEntrepreneurs4Good accelerator program. This initiative is designed to inspire women to innovate, grow, and foster their female... Read more »

HEC Paris’ Efforts for Zero-Waste Campus

Though already considered France’s most environmentally-friendly business school, HEC Paris continues to raise the bar with ongoing recycling & waste reduction initiatives. The business school, just 17km from the center of Paris, kick started plans to have a zero-waste campus in mid-2020. One goal is to reduce the amount of... Read more »

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