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MBA Wire Taps 335—3.66 GPA, test waiver. Military candidate, 750 GMAT. Booth vs Stern full-ride.

Image for MBA Wire Taps 335—3.66 GPA, test waiver. Military candidate, 750 GMAT. Booth vs Stern full-ride.

Weekly Roundup for Clear Admit’s MBA Podcast

In this week’s MBA Admissions podcast we began by discussing the MBA application deadlines and interview releasesfor Round 2. We are now starting to see a few interview invites for Round 2 candidates, specifically for programs like Chicago / Booth, Yale SOM, Dartmouth / Tuck, UVA / Darden and Northwestern / Kellogg. This upcoming week, Duke / Fuqua and Harvard Business School will release their Round 2 interview invites.

Clear Admit is hosting is next Clear Admit+ virtual event on Monday, February 5. Alex and Graham will lead this event, and will take all questions related to MBA admissions. A big focus will be on MBA interview preparation.  Graham also briefly mentioned upcoming events in February for Deferred Admissions candidates and Masters in Management candidates.

Graham highlighted a Real Humans piece for Harvard, recently published on Clear Admit. This included a discussion about the academic profiles of incoming students at Harvard. We then discussed employment reports from INSEAD and Texas / McCombs. What is striking is the gap in average starting salaries for top MBA programs based in the United States and their counterparts in Europe. This led to a discussion about how firms offer different salaries based on different geographies.

For this week, for the candidate profile review portion of the show, Alex selected two ApplyWire entries and one DecisionWire entry.

Three MBA Admissions Candidates Reviewed.

This week’s first MBA admissions candidate has applied to 12 programs, via The Consortium. They have a very good GPA (3.66) but they have waived the GMAT. Because they are seeking scholarship offers from the programs they are targeting, we suggest they still try to take the GMAT or GRE.

This week’s second MBA candidate is planning to apply next season, and has a strong profile from the military. They also have a good GPA from one of the Service Academies, as well as a great GMAT of 750. We think they will be a very strong candidate, but we provided some thoughts on their post MBA plans.

The final MBA candidate for this week has offers from Chicago / Booth, Columbia Business School, and NYU Stern. Their offer from Stern is a full-ride, which makes their decision very difficult. They would like to go into venture capital, but that may be a tough industry to break into, wherever they attend.

3.66 GPA, test waiver

MBA applicant with a strong GPA, who has waived the test (GMAT and GRE).

Military candidate, 750 GMAT

Military MBA candidate who also has a very strong academic profile and a 750 GMAT.

Booth vs Stern full-ride

MBA candidate who is an entrepreneur, and is weighing offers from Columbia, Chicago / Booth and NYU / Stern (with a full-ride).

Clear Admit MBA Admissions Podcast
Clear Admit MBA Admissions Podcast
MBA Wire Taps 335—3.66 GPA, test waiver. Military candidate, 750 GMAT. Booth vs Stern full-ride.

Be sure to post to MBA ApplyWire, MBA DecisionWire or MBA RankingsWire if you’d like Graham and Alex to offer admissions advice.

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This episode was hosted by Graham Richmond and Alex Brown, and produced by Dennis Crowley. Thanks to all of you who’ve been joining us!

Alex Brown
Alex is a co host for Clear Admit's Wire Taps podcast. He has spent 30 years in the MBA admissions industry, and authored the book: Becoming a Clear Admit: The Definitive Guide to MBA Admissions