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UVA / Darden MBA Admissions Interview Questions: Round 1 / Adcom / Skype

I am an applicant based in Bangalore/India. I had an interview with an Adcom member over Skype.

I wore formals for the interview, tested my Skype set up for video chat and ensured a good view of my room. Please be prepared for a video chat. The interviewer in fact, insisted on having one even when the Internet connection became a bit bad. My advice for all those who are attending an interview over Skype is that please reserve a video-conferencing facility for the interview if possible.

My interviewer got stuck up in traffic and informed about the delay.

Finally, the interview began after a delay of 15 mins. The interviewer introduced herself. Then she explained that this was going to be a blind interview. She had only seen my resume and no other application material. She then asked me to tell her my story! I asked her how long do I have for the same. She said that this pretty much forms the core of the interview. So, I can take as much as I want. We had 45 mins. So, I started from my background, schooling, undergrad studies and then finally, moved on to the work experience portion. For each section, I focussed on my overall experience, some achievements and some learning that prompted me to the next stage. I took about 25 mins to cover all this. Then I gave a description of the kind of person I am – my values, my personality traits etc. I, finally, added a couple of interesting things about me such as adventure sports and how I nearly got killed during one of them 🙂 That led to an interesting conversation. This took about 40 mins. She then asked me two specific questions – why Darden and how will I be a valuable addition to Darden’s class of 2013. Finally, she asked me if I had any questions for her while saying that we did not have more than 1 min for that. I did not ask any question. I just said that I believe I am sufficiently informed about Darden given two of my good friends are studying there. In case, I have any queries, I will reach out to her later and not rush through the remaining 40 seconds.

Applied in Round 1. Interviewed Dec 07, 2010; Admitted.