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MIT / Sloan MBA Admissions Interview Questions: Round 2 / Adcom / On campus

I walked into the office 20 minutes early and chatted with someone who looked like an applicant but ended up working there. Oops. Then I sat with applicants and we talked about our careers and where we were applying. One girl had applied to MIT and Kellogg, the other girl had applied to HBS and Stanford.

My interviewer came out first, she was smiling and excited to meet me and begin. She definitely made me feel like she was on my side during the interview. We made small talk first and connected on some information about China (I worked in China and she had traveled there often). Then she said what kind of interview it would be and began with questions


  • Describe a major initiative that you have done
  • Describe a time when you mentored someone
  • Describe a time when you worked on a team
  • Describe a time when you took a big risk
  • Anything else you would like me to tell the admissions committee?

I felt the interview went smoothly but on the risk question I told the same story I told in my essay. My advice to anyone would be to have 5 or 6 stories on hand but more than anything just try to relax the interviewers are people too and I did not feel intimidated.

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