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Fridays From The Frontline

Hello there and welcome to Clear Admit’s Fridays From The Frontlines, Clear Admit’s ongoing blog post dedicated to seeking out the freshest news from the MBA blogosphere. This week applicants were checking in with progress updates and future plans while students provided advice to those soon to be coming to campus. 

Writing in Transit logged back into the blogosphere with a post the covered what he had been up to over the past month and his effort to refocus and retake the GMAT tomorrow! MBA Reapplicant discovered the value of introspection and was ready to start their application process anewHammO created a Twitter handle and reminded his fellow applicants that the adcoms were “not here to trick you.”

Kenan-Flagler ’15 Amanda described her summer prep routine and described Excel as  her “new best friend.” Anderson ’15 Aimee had some tips and opinions for the best options for off-campus housing. Tuck ’15 Ankit described the excitement of counting the days til he was in Hanover, and already felt connected to many future classmates.

Anderson ’14 Buzz made sure that new students would have a few go-to recommendations for restaurants in the school’s area. INSEAD ’13 Shereen said goodbye to, and expressed gratitude for, her INSEAD classmates as well as the larger community.

And that’s the news for this week. As always, we encourage new bloggers to let us know what they’re up to and how they’re faring in these early weeks of the application process. We are also continually curious about how students’ summer internships are going. Until next week, have a great weekend!

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