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Fridays From The Frontline

Hello and welcome to Fridays From The Frontline, Clear Admit’s weekly round up of the highs and lows of the b-school applicant and student experience. With Halloween only just behind us, there were not to many costumes to behold, but applicants received their figurative ‘treats’ in the form of additional interview invitations. 

HammO asserted that his MBA application journey had to get worse before it could get betterEllie didn’t fare as well as she had hoped on her second GMAT attempt, but resolved not to give up and to push forward with her applicationsMBAMilf received her first interview invitation from Anderson while still waiting to hear from Haas and Stanford. MBA The Nonprofit Way also had good news to report: Anderson and Kellogg interview invitesMBAGirlJourney completed her Columbia interview with an assist from Clear Admit’s interview archives, and also received an invitation to interview at Wharton. Sarah began brainstorming on her personal statement approach and branding for her Fulbright application. Amit recounted his two GMAT results in brief, but focused mainly on reviewing his Bangalore test site.

HBS ’15 Keima researched women’s handbags with his FIELD team. Kenan-Flagler ’15 Ellie wrote about her experiences as a nonprofit fellow working with community organizations. McCombs ’15 Ximena equated going to business school with playing cards, and encouraged all MBA students and applicants to perfect their poker faces. HBS ’15 Ahron found himself in the middle of midterms and compared the b-school learning environment to his time in the military. Said ’15 Ramesh traveled to Wales with some of his classmates to go caving.

McCombs ’14 Cindy switched from an iPhone to an Android, and listed the apps that most help her navigate her different MBA responsibilities. Tepper ’14 Ccatcher enjoyed her mini1 break by going Halloween costume shopping with a friend.

And that’s a wrap for this week’s Fridays From The Frontline. We hope all readers who celebrate Halloween had a properly spook-filled and sugar-fueled evening, and that bloggers will post any photographic evidence of their costumes for next week. Until then, have a great weekend!


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