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Harvard MBA Admissions Interview Questions: Round 1 / Adcom / Off-Campus Hub

The atmosphere was very neutral, a kind of perfect façade of pleasant interest that gives you little or no clue as to how you are doing, in terms of whether your answers are genius or utter rubbish. I was interviewed by one interviewer, who had a copy of my CV with her and took copious notes during the interview. She mentioned that she was familiar with my file and that I should use examples that were not already in my application.

To start with, there was a bit of light conversation about whether I had found it hard to get to the interview location. I received a pen and a note telling me what to expect after the interview and giving me some contact details (generic email address) if I had questions after the interview.

1. Tell me about your current job, what do you do at [COMPANY X]?

2. Follow up on whether you do all the [FUNCTION WORK] for [COMPANY X].

3. Asked about my role in [STRATEGIC PROJECT 1]. Did I work alone? How many people did I work with?

4. Asked about [MY OFFICE] and how it fits in [COMPANY X].

5. Going backwards, why [COLLEGE 1]?

6. Which other colleges might you have chosen?

7. How did you decide to transfer to [COLLEGE 2]?

8. How did you become interested in [INDUSTRY] and how did you find out about [COMPANY X]?

9. What would you like to mention that hasn’t been asked?

10. When did you become interested in MBA?

11. Tell me about something you’re interested in about outside of work.

12. Asked if it was difficult to find people with [INTEREST] at work.

13. Any closing remarks?

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