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Fridays From the Frontline: Standardized Stressing

This week in the business school blogosphere, current applicants seek out unconventional ways of improving their GMAT scores and other aspects of their applications,  while current students give us a sneak peak into their time in business school.

In the applicants’ corner, Grantmeadmission is preparing  for the GMAT and shares his list of “exam lifehacks” which include taking study breaks, changing scenery, chewing gum to help concentrate and coming up with his own answers before looking at the answer choices.  He has also been improving his GMAT score by taking practice tests on The Economist website.

Meanwhile, Thebumpyroadtoanmba is expecting a serious time crunch since he will be taking the GMAT on September 24, the same day as the Kellogg deadline!  Also, texaswannabecali has been studying like crazy in order to reach her target score. Finally, Efessays gives us a virtual lesson on dangling modifiers, the difference between “if” and “as though,” the correct use of semi-colons, and many other grammatical topics that you may encounter on the verbal section of the GMAT.

In other news,  Grantmeadmission was nervous to ask his current supervisor for a recommendation, but was pleasantly surprised by his response.

When it comes to the essay section, Topdogmba has been asking MBA alumni and admissions counselors for critical feedback on his application – a route that Naijambagal plans to pursue soon. On the other hand, Thebumpyroadtoanmba has decided to carry around the “Black Book of Essay Ideas,” since inspiration can strike at any moment.

With respect to school selection, Pullingthatmbatrigger says his dad’s friend spent an hour trying to convince him to apply to Fuqua, his alma mater.  In his next post, Pullingthatmbatrigger announces his decision to drop Darden from his list and apply to Fuqua.  He says he does not want to spend all his time with” his nose in a book” at Darden, which is known for its intense workload, but we suspect that his dad’s friend may have also played a role in the decision.

Among current students, Jacqui Gilbert describes spending last Christmas in Paris and says that going to Cambridge makes her feel like she is inside a Harry Potter book. Also, UCLA Anderson students tell us what they did in the month prior to matriculating. This includes hiking the John Muir Trail and getting married!

That’s everything for this week! Good luck with your applications and be sure to tune in next week for more news from the business school blogosphere!


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