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Fridays From the Frontline: Douglas Adams on Deadlines

Fridays From the Frontline is Clear Admit’s weekly summation of posts from the business school blogosphere. Douglas Adams once said, “I love deadlines. I love the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.” But business school applicants aren’t planning to let that happen. This week, current applicants put the finishing touches on their applications, while current students reflect on the application process, travel the world and praise their respective schools.

In the applicant corner, Texaswannbecali spent several hours free-writing goals essays, although she’s sad that she will have to eliminate a lot of this material to get under the word limit. Meanwhile, since Scottgduncan is reapplying to business school this year, he decided to add some safety schools to his list. He’s also trying to overcome his tendency towards perfectionism and just submit his application. Similarly, Naijambagal is going through her applications with a fine-toothed comb as the deadlines close in, while Topdogmba frets about small details on his resume.  Finally, Efessays, also known as Old Faithful, offers us a virtual lesson on reading comprehension.

Switching gears to current students, Florent Breton, an EMBA student at London Business School, says that he spent approximately 3 months studying for the GMAT and three months on his application. Meanwhile, instead of doing an internship after his first year at Harvard Business School, 2y-hbs spent his summer traveling across the US, Europe, Latin America and East Asia. Also, Priya Jain debunks three myths about INSEAD, including the idea that an MBA can’t help someone who already has a successful career. Another student at INSEADSara Cao, says it’s important to learn a foreign language since it gives you more insight into other cultures, and in turn helps you appreciate your own culture.

That’s everything for this week. Good luck with your applications, and be sure to tune in next week for more news from the business school blogosphere!


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