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Harvard MBA Admissions Interview Questions: Round 1 / Adcom / On Campus / Admit

300px-Harvard_business_school_baker_library_2009aThe following Harvard MBA Admissions Interview summary was provided by a recent applicant who was recently admitted to Harvard. 

I enjoyed being on campus and personally meeting HBS students. I was fortunate to attend a class and man was I excited! The interview itself wasn’t the typical rapid fire experience I read about in MBA blogosphere, but it was a no-joke ordeal. Particularly, I didn’t get much affirmation from the two interviewers I had. They do a pretty good job at maintaining a blank face throughout the interview. 

From what I perceived, the adcoms who interviewed me read my app as most of the questions were tailored to my app content. 

The interview was a blur, but I remember a few questions I got. I am a 2+2 student, so much of the questions was about my college and internship experiences. They are as follows:

1.) Tell me about how you choose your college.
2.) How was adapting to U.S. pop culture when you first arrived here for college (I am a foreign student).
3.) Tell me about your internship experiences.
4.) How was your experience as the class president.
5.) What is the dynamics of your family. 
6.) Which country has the most malaria incidence in the world (I have a public health experience).
7.) Post-MBA plans.

Frankly, I thought I blew the interview. Right of the bat, I was edgy and was in over my head until I heard “it was nice interviewing you.” In retrospect, I felt overwhelmed because of the number of follow-up questions I got, although I think I did justice to all the questions thrown at me. And the fact that they kept a blank face only added salt to the injury. Also I was surprised by a few of the questions I got, especially the “tell me about your family dynamics” one. I felt like it was some kind of a trick question, and as I answered it, I struggled with convincing myself that it wasn’t a bait to lure me into a tangle. 

If there is a piece of advice for prospective students, it will be to be yourself and tell your story in the most passionate of tone. Also chances are that you might have done better in your interview than you might have thought. 

I am glad I got into my dream school. HBS is a great place to be. Judging by the quality of conversations I had with interviewees and HBS students alike, I believe I am going to enjoy my two years there.

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