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Duke Fuqua MBA Admissions Interview Questions: Round 2 / Second-Year Student / On Campus

Duke-Logo-FuquaThe following is a summary of a Duke Fuqua MBA admissions interview provided by a recent applicant: 

Friendly, really nice. 45-1 hour time limit, we went up against the hour. Very conversational and the interviewer had prepared against my resume really well. 

1. Tell me about yourself/walk me through your resume 
2. Why an MBA? 
3. Why Fuqua?
4. What do you think you’ll contribute to Fuqua?
5. If I spoke with your managers and colleagues, what would they say? (Strengths question)
6. What does “Team Fuqua” mean to you?
7. If you had 1 minute with the Adcom (Admissions Committee) what would you want them to know about you/take away?

(*be prepared to elaborate on your resume, we spent a few min talking about an archaeological dig I did after college)
(*They did not ask me my goals, but probably because I volunteered them right away)

Emphasize collaborative leadership, being a team player. Leading by example. Highly recommend oyu take the tour and use the opportunity to ask the students all the questions you think you’ll be asked. “Team Fuqua” and the “Fuqua Family” are things the take really seriously and want to know if you will fit in with it. I wasn’t surprised by any question. They only had a resume to work from and can only make recommendations based on the interview, they don’t see anything else. They care about fit a lot, but just because they love the school and atmosphere that much.

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