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Northwestern / Kellogg MBA Interview Report: Round 1 / First-year student / On-campus

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The following Northwestern / Kellogg MBA interview report was submitted to Clear Admit by a Round 1 applicant who admitted. Congratulations to them!

I interviewed on a Saturday with a student. They say students have as much pull as admissions folks, but if you really want an adcom, definitely interview during the week. I did the Preview Day on Friday – it was lovely. I totally fell in love with Kellogg. It was so well-run and the people were awesome. It also helped provided me with great content for the interview. I highly recommend attending.

About 10 of us interviewed at the same time on Saturday. We hung out in the admissions office while awaiting our interviewers. My interviewer was incredibly friendly from the onset, putting me right at ease. The interviewer gave an introduction and then apologized saying they would have to be writing everything I said down and maybe wouldn’t be making eye contact the whole time. I said that was totally fine. They fill out a form that appears to have pre-set questions on it.

The interviewer started by asking me about my greatest passion/hobby. This was such a nice way to let me get comfortable and show true passion and excitement. We spoke about this for a few minutes and then went through the following questions:

-Résumé walk-through with specific focus on transitions between schools, jobs, etc.
-Why MBA? And, could I get where I wanted to go without one?
-How did I enjoy Preview Day (I had mentioned I attended)?
-Why Kellogg?
-What would I do at Kellogg, what clubs am I interested in, etc.?
-Anything else I want to do at Kellogg (basically know a lot about the school – Preview Day definitely helped here / it seemed some of the questions on the form repeated a bit since I covered most of all this in my why Kellogg answer)
-What is my leadership style?
-Describe a challenge with teams or my leadership style
-What is my biggest professional accomplishment?
-Describe communicating a tough message and have I disagreed with a team
-Describe best team experience
-What are my short and long term goals?
-Describe a time I was intellectually challenged

I spent the last 10 minutes asking about my interviewer’s background, reasons for attending, and experiences at Kellogg. I was one of the last ones out of my interview – it lasted about 45 minutes but we could have talked longer. I left thinking I nailed it, and I was ultimately admitted R1. I enjoyed the experience and totally love Kellogg! I may have cried when I received the call =).

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