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Duke / Fuqua Interview Report: Round 2 / Second-year student / On-Campus

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The following Duke / Fuqua interview report was submitted to Clear Admit by an Round 2 applicant. Good luck to them!

I was very nervous but actually really enjoyed this interview. I found out from talking to a current student that the second-year students go through a rigorous application and interview process themselves to become admissions ambassadors. They are then very well-trained in how to conduct interviews. This was absolutely reflected in our conversation. The conversation was really fluid even though it was driven by many interview questions. It was easy to fill the time (it actually ran about one hour). This was the longest of the MBA interviews I have experienced. The interviewer had reviewed my résumé.

Here are the questions I can remember:

• Tell me about yourself/walk me through your résumé.
• Why MBA? My short-term goal answer was embedded in this response so he never asked about short-term goals specifically.
• Why Fuqua?
• How will Fuqua help you to reach your goals?
• What will you bring to Team Fuqua?
• Tell me about your last performance review.
• Name three strengths.
• Tell me about a weakness.
• What is your leadership style?
• Tell me about a time you had to change someone’s mind? I was asked to elaborate on why I chose the approach I did.
• When I cited my supervisor as an example leader, he asked me to elaborate on their qualities.
• Tell me about a time you worked in a diverse team?
• If the admissions committee was sitting right here, what would you say to sell yourself to them?
• Do you have any questions for me?

My best advice would be to have a good arsenal of stories where you worked in a team and/or were a leader. Give a lot of thought to “Why Team Fuqua,” and have specific stories about you exemplify the traits you associate with Team Fuqua. They really care about that cultural fit.

Good luck!

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