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UT Austin / McCombs Interview Report: Round 2 / Second Year Student / On-Campus

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The following UT Austin / McCombs interview report was submitted to Clear Admit by a Round 2 applicant.

Overall, it was very much in line with what the clear admit reports described. I attended a class beforehand, which helped remind me why I applied to UT, and help get myself excited for the interview. The interview was conversational, but at the same time she clearly had a script that she was following with specific questions to ask. I answered her questions for about 30-35 minutes, and then had a pretty brief 5 minute period to ask my question. She asked for my resume, so definitely make sure you bring one with you.

Questions included:
Walk me through your resume
short/long term goals
What if your career goals don’t work out?
why mccombs
how you’d be involved on campus
time at work you were a team leader & what you accomplished
the most recent professional feedback you received
Time you created an innovative practice at work.
Time you worked in a diverse team
What you learned during the interview process

As we went she gauged my answers and asked follow up questions as necessary. Definitely make sure you can coherently and enthusiastically explain why you are interested in the school, and make sure that the clubs and organizations you mention interest in make sense for your narrative. Really, if you have been invited to interview you should already have a very good idea as to your narrative and why you are interested in McCombs. Overall I would say it was a pretty simple interview process, and if you approach it with enthusiasm expecting simply to have an enjoyable conversation you will be fine. Don’t overstress, and Good luck!

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