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Indiana / Kelley MBA Interview Report: Round 3 / Second-year Student / Skype

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The following Indiana / Kelley MBA interview report was submitted to Clear Admit by a Round 3 applicant who was admitted. Congratulations to them!

Background: Indian, Male, almost 7 years of work experience in Telecom projects with 5 of those years spent in Africa, short term goal- product management in technology space, GMAT- 760

Interview Experience:

I opened the bullets I had made for my last interview only about half an hour prior to the interview. I was still going through the points I wanted to convey during the interview when the Skype call came and suddenly it was go time.
My interviewer, a second year student at Kelley, greeted me and told me that the interview would be for about 20 minutes. He only had a copy of my resume and his tone was very friendly. I immediately relaxed feeling none of the anxiety I had felt in my last interview for Tuck. The questions were all very standard affair:

1) Please walk me through your résumé. When I told him about my international experience he asked a couple of follow up questions about the demographic and language in the countries. Again, the way he asked, he sounded curious rather than probing.
2) Why do I want an MBA now?
3) Which skills I think I would be taught in an MBA program that would be essential to reach my goals.
4) Have I ever received constructive criticism and a follow up on the experience I described- a little more detail into the circumstances of the situation I had described.
5) Accomplishment I am most proud of.

After 20 minutes, he asked me if I had any questions for him. We talked for another 8 minutes about the Academies, Me Inc., and how the Kelley alumni are a great resource. So, in my experience, the interview was very conversational and laid back. Wish it were longer though. Was a little surprised how quickly the 20 minutes flew by.

I never had his email address so I asked another student at Kelley for it and sent him a thank you mail after a few days.

Got admitted with $$

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