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Real Humans of MBA Admissions: Wharton’s Frank DeVecchis

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Next up in our series of glimpses into the real people behind MBA admissions is Frank DeVecchis, who has been director of admissions for the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School since March 2015. His tenure at Wharton began well before that though—he started back in 2009 as associate director for the Wharton Fund and led global immersion programs, academic affairs and academic operations from 2011 to 2015. He also got his own master’s degree, in higher education, from the University of Pennsylvania. So he’s most certainly an insider.

In talking to him, his allegiance is abundantly clear. “Wharton is a remarkably easy place to be inspired, and whether it is students or faculty or staff, there is always a new idea that someone is hugely passionate about,” he says. “And seeing them follow through on those ideas is an incredible source of energy. I really believe Wharton is a place where people can change the world.”

Read on to learn a little more about what DeVecchis is really like.

Real Humans of MBA Admissions: Wharton’s Frank DeVecchis

Coffee or tea? Coffee

Beach or mountains? Beach

Morning person or night owl? Morning person

Pet peeve? When you are talking to someone and you know that they aren’t listening, because I try to be a good listener

Guilty pleasure? Movies

Favorite virtue in others?

Worst habit?
Biting my fingernails

Happy place?

Comfort food? Chocolate chip cookies

Go-to cocktail? Manhattan

Proudest moment? The birth of my sons (three, ages 6, 4 and 10 months)

Biggest regret?
I try not to live with too many regrets; I can’t think of one that sticks out in my head.

One thing you would change about how you were raised? I don’t think I’d change anything. My parents are awesome.

Superpower you wish you had? Flight

Favorite fictional hero/heroine? Batman