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HBS R1 Interview Invites Will Begin to Roll Out on October 4th

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Harvard Business School (HBS) Managing Director of Admissions and Financial Aid Chad Losee took to his Direct from the Director’s blog today to share details about upcoming interview invitations for aplicants who applied as part of Round 1. According to Losee, interview invitations will go out in three batches, on October 4th, October 6th and October 12th.

“Try not to read into which date you hear from us—being invited to interview on October 4 vs. October 12 does not mean you are more likely to be accepted,” he stressed. “We spread out interview invitations to avoid congestion on the interview sign-up pages.”

Those who don’t hear anything on October 4th or 6th should expect one of three outcomes on October 12th. Either you will be invited to interview, you will be “released” from consideration or HBS has chosen you for “further consideration” in Round 2.

Losee breaks down exactly what that means: “By ‘releasing’ those of you who will not move forward with our process on October 12—rather than waiting until December to let you know—we hope to give you time to explore other potential options,” he wrote. “For group 3), we would like to ‘Further Consider’ your applications in Round Two,” he continued.

Losee also shared details about when interviews will take place. They will begin on October 23rd and continue through November 18th. Interviews will be conducted on campus in Boston as well as in Shanghai, Tokyo, Dubai, Mumbai, São Paulo, New York City, Palo Alto, London and Paris. “Where you interview does NOT affect your likelihood to be accepted,” he stressed, adding that all global interviews are conducted by members of the Admissions Board.

“But if you come to Boston to interview, you’ll also have the chance to sit in on class and interact with current students and faculty,” he pointed out. (Losee himself revealed in an interview with Clear Admit that it was seeing the case method in action in an HBS classroom that really crystalized for him where he wanted to attend business school.) Losee also noted that candidates who are not able to travel to any of the interview hub cities may be accommodated via Skype.

And with that, Losee likely stood and closed the door to his office to afford quiet as he settles in to read more Round 1 applications. Losee also shared with us last week that he intends to continue the commitment to transparency in the admissions process set in place by his predecessor—of which he himself was a beneficiary. We’re thrilled here at Clear Admit to see him remaining true to his word with this most recent post.