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Deadline for 2017 Forté MBALaunch Program for Women Extended to November 11th

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Great news. If you are a woman planning to apply to business school next fall—for enrollment in fall 2018—there’s still time left to take advantage of a great program from the Forté Foundation designed to help you craft the strongest application possible.

Forté recently announced that it is extending the deadline for applications for its 2017 Forté MBALaunch Program until November 11, 2016. MBALaunch is a comprehensive 10-month program to guide promising female MBA applicants through each step of the application process, providing both a proven roadmap and an unparalleled support network to help you gain admission to your top school. Created by the Forté Foundation, it is designed to support the organization’s mission of increasing women’s access to business education and the business world at large.
MBALaunch applications are currently being accepted for women seeking to apply to MBA programs in fall 2017 (for enrollment in fall 2018). The deadline to submit is November 11th. To be considered for MBALaunch, you must have a bachelor’s degree and demonstrate solid academic standing. Post-undergrad work experience—between two and seven years—is also preferred.

Forté MBALaunch
A previous MBALauncher taking part in the program

The MBALaunch program begins with a day-long kick-off event in major cities throughout the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, followed by online webinars, advisor meetings and monthly in-person peer group sessions in your host city. Host cities include Boston, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, London and Toronto, and the kick-off events will take place in late January and February.

Interested applicants who do not live in or near one of the MBALaunch program cities can still take part as long as they agree to travel to the closest city to attend the kick-off event in person. After this first event, these participants will join the MBALaunch “Virtual City” group for the rest of the program.

How the Program Works

MBALaunch brings together hundreds of prospective female MBA applicants, creating a valuable network of peers who share the same goals. Intensive GMAT test prep is baked into the program, helping women conquer what many report is one of the greatest obstacles to applying. Two months of GMAT test-prep webinars target the most difficult testing areas, helping Launchers improve their scores and strengthen their candidacy.

The eight remaining months of the program are devoted to helping Launchers build their strongest possible MBA applications. Participants receive valuable feedback on essays and résumés from MBA alumnae. They also get to work closely with admissions consultants, business school representatives and Forté experts to hone their admission interview skills. Along the way, Launchers also learn about resources for financing their MBA and grow both their network of MBA alumnae and their networking skills.

The cost of MBALaunch is $500 (plus travel to the closest program city for the kick-off event if you don’t live in one). Compared to admissions consulting fees and GMAT test prep courses that can run several thousand dollars, believe us when we tell you it’s a steal. Not only that, participants who successfully complete the program receive application waivers from more than 25 Forté schools, as well as discounts from leading GMAT test prep providers and admissions consultants if you feel you still need more preparation. In total, these offers allow you to recoup the entire $500 cost.

How to Apply

Okay—so how do you apply? Complete an online application form, pay a $25 application fee and submit your resume along with answer to two essay questions. The final deadline round, just extended from October 30th to November 11th, applies to applicants for all cities.

Learn more about the Forté MBALaunch program.

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