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MBA Admissions Mashup: Round 1 Decisions

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Every Wednesday, we share a round-up of the latest news from MBA admissions blogs at the top business schools. It’s decision week at several of the top business schools that we cover, including Harvard Business School and Northwestern / Kellogg which released decisions today. We also have an employment report from Chicago Booth and some music to keep you going as you churn out those Round 2 applications.

This week, MBA LiveWire is lighting up due to a flurry of activity. Today alone, HBS, Kellogg, and CMU Tepper have released the bulk of their acceptances. And we’re not even done! Tomorrow and Friday alone we should see results from 13 of the top business schools.

Here’s what Harvard Business School’s Managing Director of Admissions & Financial Aid Chad Losee had to say about those that received acceptances today: We are delighted about the “accept” offers that will go out on Wednesday—we need each of your perspectives in the Class of 2019. We are grateful for all of you who have applied.”

Meanwhile at Michigan / Ross, Soojin Kwon excitedly announced that admit calls will be starting today (December 14). She says to “look for a call from area code “734” starting December 14. There are six of us who will be making calls, and hundreds of admit calls to make.“ And, to those of you speculating about the order of the calls (whether they’re by country in alphabetical order or by first and last initials), Kwon noted that there is “no special order, other than trying to accommodate different time zones so we’re not calling you at 6AM.” But, feel free to post first and last initials in MBA LiveWire!

Chicago Booth announced the release of their Class of 2016 Employment Report. You can check out the stats on their blog. Booth Senior Associate Director of Admissions and Analytics, Nima Merchant also gave some sage advice to those of you currently applying to business school. “As you move forward with your business school plans, consider your own career path and where you hope to go with your MBA. You have heard us say many times that while we want you to have clear ideas about your future career; you don’t need to have every detail mapped out. Certainly you will make many discoveries during your program and uncover amazing and unexpected possibilities. Know how your goals align with your top business school choices, the potential employers you envision yourself pursuing post-MBA, and which schools can offer you the opportunities you hope for.”

Across the pond, Cambridge / Judge’s head of MBA recruitment and admissions Conrad Chua, shared his very own playlist. Initially intended for those second-year students diligently studying for exams, we think this could benefit folks putting together the perfect b-school applications. Also, we listened to the songs and think they’re top notch.

That’s all for now! Catch you next time on another MBA Admissions Mashup!