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Top Tips on Defining Your Post-MBA Career Path from Indiana Kelley School of Business

post-MBA career path

In November, Clear Admit was pleased to partner with Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business to offer an informative webinar entitled “How to Define Your Career Path.” The webinar was led by Kelley Executive Director of Graduate Career Services Eric Johnson. An interactive Q&A session followed, featuring thoughtful queries from many participants.

Johnson, himself a Kelley MBA graduate, offered a lot of helpful advice for any aspiring MBA student seeking to make the most of their career. He first talked about the importance of really knowing yourself—in particular, understanding your skills, interests, and values.

For skills, he suggests that you identify your top three to five strengths and how they help you stand apart from your peers. This will help you identify a career path that plays to your strengths. For interests, he recommends that you identify your top three to five interests—things that you really enjoy doing in your free time or what people find interesting about you. This will help you find a career path that you are passionate about, which will motivate you to work hard and maintain your peak performance over time. For values, he encourages you to really think about what your values are, which will help you find the right cultural fit with an organization. Once you have a good understanding of your skills, interests, and values, do your research to seek out companies that are a great fit on all three dimensions.

Johnson also talked about the importance of monitoring and safeguarding your own personal brand reputation since how colleagues perceive you is very important to moving ahead in your career. The best way to monitor this is to seek feedback from colleagues on how you are perceived. What skills, interests, and values are you best known for? He also encouraged MBA students to fully utilize the resources of the career services office at business school to assist you in this process.

If you missed the webinar, check out this archived recording to learn more great career tips.

Disclaimer: The webinar, “How to Define Your Career Path,” was featured as sponsored content on Clear Admit.  


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