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HBS Admissions Director on Round 2 Next Steps

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Chad Losee, managing director of MBA admissions and financial aid at Harvard Business School, again shared news about Round 2 interview invitations on his Direct from the Director blog yesterday.

He alerted those Round 2 candidates who hadn’t received word in the first wave of notifications last week that a final wave would go out today at noon. True to his word, that wave has just gone out—and unfortunately for many, MBA LiveWire is reflecting a “sea of red” with most candidates reporting they’ve been “released” from consideration.

“Unfortunately, we can’t move everyone forward to the next stage of the process,” Losee wrote. “We know this can be disappointing and wish we could interview more of you. Thanks to all who have shown interest in HBS and applied this year.”

Chin Up—Reapply!
We know, as Losee does, that “release” is not the news anyone wants to receive. But it is worth keeping in mind that the school receives roughly 10 applications for every available spot in the class, which really does mean that it must turn away many qualified candidates every year. Not only that, reapplicants—people who were rejected on the first try—claimed 94 spots in the Class of 2017. That’s almost a full tenth of the class! So, trite as it may seem, it’s worth remembering the childhood ditty, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.”

For details on what’s involved in reapplying to HBS, click here. And for the true story of an applicant who successfully reapplied, click here.

For Those Who DID Receive an Interview Invite Today
“Keep in mind that the interview scheduler will be open immediately upon notification,” Losee reminded in his post yesterday. “Remember that you should interview in the location most convenient to you—the process and odds of admission are the same for all our interview locations,” he added.

If you were among those who received an invitation to interview, congratulations! Don’t forget that the Clear Admit HBS Interview Guide can give you an important head start. It’s packed with vital, up-to-date interview preparation guidance, including commonly asked questions and advice on how to form strategy around the post-interview leg of the process.

Advice from actual interviewees, meanwhile, can be found in the following post: Top HBS MBA Interview Tips from Actual Interviewees

And as always, remember that the Clear Admit Interview Archive also offers a repository of applicant-submitted details about the interview process.