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Northwestern / Kellogg Interview Questions & Report: Round 1 / Adcom/ On-Campus

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The following Northwestern / Kellogg interview questions and report were submitted to Clear Admit by a Round 1 applicant. Good luck to them!

This was my 1st interview, so I was definitely nervous. I did my interview on campus during one of the preview days, so it was a nice opportunity to be engaged with a lot of activities planned for you and meet some other prospective students.

The adcom interviewer was very nice, she explained that she will be taking notes and that when she puts her pen down, it means the interview is over. This happens when she asks if I had any questions. Even though this part doesn’t technically count into her evaluation, I’m sure how you behave and what questions you ask subconsciously affects her evaluation, so of course take this part seriously.

I felt that she had a hard time understanding my job, as she dug into it very deeply:
1. What do you do day to day?
2. Can you explain the whole “sales cycle” from when you engage with a potential client, to when they become one and thereafter?
These questions threw me off a bit because I wasn’t expecting to get so deep into it…and I also didn’t know if I should stray away from jargon, or use more laymens terms to describe what I do. It made me a bit nervous for the rest of the interview.

Other questions asked:
1. Tell me about yourself (I think she would make it conversational and ask questions in between)
2. Why MBA, why now?
3. Why Kellogg?
4. How will you contribute to Kellogg?
5. How would your coworkers describe you (3 adjectives)?
6. How would your friends describe you?
7. What does leadership mean to you/tell me about a time when you had to demonstrate leadership (there’s a term that they use that I can’t remember – exceptional leadership?)

It was a very pleasant experience and at the end we just chatted about how the school has changed, what she likes about Evanston, etc.

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