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Wharton MBA Interview Questions & Report: R1/ TBD & Separate HCM Interview / On-campus

Wharton’s on-campus interview day was a great opportunity to preview classes and meet other applicants as well as current students. I did my TBD in the morning because I had my HCM one-on-one interview later that afternoon.

Wharton Team-Based Discussion

For the TBD there were a small group of 6 of us in total with two 2nd-year students observing in the back. My group worked well together, no one dominated the conversation or was noticeably too quiet. We stayed within time constraints and presented our proposed plan in response to the given prompt at the end of the meeting. During your one minute pitch at the beginning it was noticeable who has spent time preparing to give their pitch and who did not stay within the one minute recommendation. After the TBD there was a short 10-15 minute one-on-one with one of the second years who had observed the group. He asked how I thought the discussion went as we walked back to the interview room and the rest of our conversation focused on “why Wharton” and questions I had. At the end he told me about some of the great partner resources the Wharton community had (for my husband), and some areas based on our discussion he though I might enjoy if I were to be accepted/attend.

Wharton Health Care Management Interview

For the HCM interview, it was one-on-one with an HCM faculty member/adcom for the major. This was different then all the other schools I had interviewed with since this person had read my application prior to the interview. The conversation went well, it mainly focused on areas she wanted to know more about and why I wanted to stay in healthcare. At the end of the interview she gave me a lot of HCM reading material and pointed out a class she thought I would enjoy, suggesting I attend it before I left.

Overall it was a great way to experience a lot in one day and I enjoyed meeting the other applicants while assessing if it was an MBA program I could see myself attending. Also both classes I attended I found very interesting and engaging.

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