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Chicago Booth MBA Interview Questions & Report: Round 2 / Alumnus / Off-campus

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I heard from Booth on the first day of the week when interview invites were supposed to be out. After submitting answers to the short answer questions Booth asks, I got the name of my interviewer in around 4 days. Mailed him to set up a time, and interviewed on the last day of the interview window. We met at his office.


It was a comfortable experience. It felt quite informal for the most part. We started with him asking about my family, which surprised me. He wanted to know about what my family did, where we were from etc. This caught me by surprise because I expected questions like “Why MBA?” and “Why Booth?”. After around 10 minutes, he asked some questions about my work and the company I work at. We spoke about what I did at work, and the previous roles I had performed. He then tried to catch me off guard by saying that I spoke with passion about my work and didn’t sound like I needed an MBA. Which was when I had to explain the need for it and why I wanted to go to Booth.

He then asked me which other schools I had applied to, and what the outcomes were. He asked why I was applying to Booth in Round 2 if I really wanted to go there like I said. We spoke about what Booth was like before the Harper Center was built, and what a difference it had made to the school. We also discussed the Chicago winters and how students cope during school.


Overall, it was a good interview – it felt informal but he found a way to extract all the regular information while managing to catch me off guard a few times. It was testing and challenging, but was also pleasant overall. He was also very willing to answer any questions I had about the school and program. The interview lasted around 70 minutes.

I received an admission offer from the school.

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