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Episode 64: Wharton Team-Based Discussion Tips 2019-2020

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Are you getting ready for the Wharton Team-Based Discussion (TBD)? We’re excited to bring you a bonus podcast episode to review this year’s prompt and to help you excel in this step of the admissions process.

In this episode, Clear Admit’s co-founder, Graham Richmond, and resident admissions expert, Alex Brown, dive deeper into this year’s prompt (ICYMI, you must also listen to their overall key advice about the TBD here).

The exercise for the 2019-2020 admissions season focuses on Tangen Hall (pictured), Wharton’s first on-campus space dedicated to student entrepreneurship and innovation activities. The TBD prompt for 2019-2020 is:

“Entrepreneurship and innovation are at the forefront of Wharton’s focus for the future of the school. Last year, the University of Pennsylvania announced a $25 million gift that will spearhead construction of a transformative new building. Tangen Hall is the first-ever dedicated space for Penn Wharton Entrepreneurship and other student entrepreneurship programs across the University. Here students will incubate ideas to transform business. Completion of the new 70,000 square foot facility is set for fall 2020.

“For the purpose of this discussion, you’ve been invited to be part of a team of students tasked with creating a one-day program that promotes the unveiling of Tangen Hall and Wharton’s focus on entrepreneurship and innovation. As a team, determine and define your target audience and invitation count. Identify and select a keynote speaker and programming for the day, including one interactive workshop and metrics for success. Provide unique experiential opportunities that highlight the depth and breadth of resources within Tangen Hall.”

Graham and Alex walk through the features of the new building, Wharton’s relationship with entrepreneurship and innovation, how you should think about the question and prepare for the TBD.  They’ll help you tackle ideas from every angle, and walk into the TBD with confidence and clarity.

Without further ado, be sure to tune in before you head to your interview!

Clear Admit MBA Admissions Podcast
Clear Admit MBA Admissions Podcast
Episode 64: Wharton Team-Based Discussion Tips 2019-2020

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