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Fuqua / Duke MBA Interview Questions & Report / Round 1 / Second Year Student / Skype

Started on Skype with some quick banter because my interviewer and I had a similar background. (Really wasn’t expecting this but it definitely put me more at ease.) Overall, the interview was very informal and felt like a conversation.

Biggest Takeaway: Without a doubt, the interviewers are trained to find out how likely you are to pick Fuqua. As the interview neared the end, I realized that the “Why Fuqua?” question had follow ups throughout the 30 minutes. For instance, my post-MBA goals really lined up with a manufacturing firm that recruits at Fuqua. But additional questions like how I see myself in the South/Atlantic Coast vs. the Northeast were very prevalent. I am from the Northeast, discussed my family in the Northeast, and then had to answer why I would go to Fuqua over other T15 schools in the NE. This process isn’t visible on its face, but when the interview was over, I realized what was happening.

Second Takeaway: Fuqua is different too in that I couldn’t come into this interview saying “Oh my gosh Fuqua is my first choice!” Since Early Action already happened, they already know who would want to go there over everywhere else; focus on Team Fuqua culture, employment report research, and how you’ve gotten to know Fuqua in the application process.

– Run through resume
– Post MBA Short/Long Term Goals
– Greatest Success
– Greatest Failure
– A time you’ve resolved a conflict at work
– How will you add to collaborative culture of Fuqua?
– Any questions for me?

Beyond the questions: Team Fuqua is a team of great, generally extroverted people. I think the interview’s goals are to assess how likely you are to pick Fuqua and how easy going yet motivated of a person you are.

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