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Duke / Fuqua MBA Interview Questions & Report: Round 1 / Second-Year Student / Skype

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The interview was very informal and conversational, there were no questions that you would consider out of the ordinary or difficult and the interviewer was very friendly. I started the conversation saying hi and asking him about how the weather was in Durham, just to break the ice. He then told me about himself, his background, goals, why he chose Fuqua and his experience with recruiting. His goals/industry was different from mine. He then reiterated the fact that it was a blind interview and that he only had access to my resume.

The questions that he asked were:

1. Tell me about yourself.
2. What are your short term and long term goals?
3. Why do you think you need an MBA right now?
4. Why do you think Fuqua is the right school for you?
5. How do you see yourself contributing to the Fuqua community?
6. What is your proudest achievement in your professional life?
7. Can you tell me about a time you failed in your personal or professional life and how you picked yourself up
8. Tell me about a difficult team experience
9. Can you tell me about an instance where you did not agree with a team member
10. Do you have any questions for me?

Although when I list out the questions like this, it appears that the second-year student was just asking the questions one after the other, in reality, it was very conversational. After I gave the answers he told me about how Fuqua is the right place for me and what Fuqua has to offer. Also, after I answered the behavioral questions, he told me how the decision that I had taken was the right one, given the circumstances and what his takeaways were.

I made it a point to include how the social and community life at Fuqua is a big positive for me and also about what I have heard about “Team Fuqua” through my conversations with current students and alumni.

The entire interview lasted for close to 40 minutes. He was taking notes throughout the interview.
All round, I think I did a very good job at the interview and am hopeful that I would get admitted.

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