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Real Humans of USC Marshall’s MBA Class of 2021

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We head to sunny California for our latest profiles in Real Humans: MBA Students. The University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business boasts both the oldest entrepreneurship program in the U.S. and the first immersive international MBA experience of its kind. They were also the first top-tier MBA program to reach gender parity. Moreover, the USC Trojan brand is a powerful professional asset to both its current students and alumni, making USC Marshall a stand-out choice for MBA education.

The 214 members of the Class of 2021 arrived on campus with an average age of 29.  Academically speaking, the new group had earned an average 3.54 GPA during their undergraduate years.  Of those who took the GMAT, the average score was 708 and the middle 80 percent scores ranged from 680 to 740.  The GRE takers averaged a 321 total and the middle 80 percent scores ranged from 312 to 328.

Marshall’s emphasis on diversity and international focus is also clear. Forty-two percent of the Class of 2021 is comprised of women. Meanwhile, 32 percent are international and 19 percent are U.S. underrepresented minorities.

Post-graduate plans for some Marshall MBAs range from leadership roles in television, film, entertainment and media to consulting. One common thread is the clear desire to combine their hands-on work experience with the resources and skills of their MBA to take a strategic approach towards advancing their respective fields. 79.2 percent of MBAs are reported to be fully employed at the time of graduation, with an average base salary of $122,634.

Let’s hear more from 6 USC Marshall first-years as they share their stories in their own words.

Jonathan Pfeffer
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