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Consulting & UK Top London Business School MBA Employment Report

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The London Business School MBA Class of 2019 was, once again, highly diverse.  The 492 graduates of the Class of 2019 represented 62 nationalities and women comprised 38 percent of the group.  Altogether, they averaged five years of pre-MBA work experience, though professional experience ranged from 2 to 13 years.  Their post-MBA employment choices carried through their diversity of backgrounds and interests:

  • Overall, 92 percent of the LBS Class of 2019 accepted a job offer somewhere within three months of graduation.
  • Graduates accepted roles in 41 different countrie.
  • They chose to work in a range of industries, with consulting (40 percent) and finance (26 percent) being the top choices.

Here’s a closer look at the LBS MBA Class of 2019 employment report.

Consulting and Finance Rule Industry Choice

For the fifth year in a row, consulting and finance were the top two industries for LBS MBA graduates, with 40 and 26 percent of graduates choosing the sectors, respectively. Investment banking was the top financial career choice at 8 percent. The third most popular sector was technology at 20 percent, followed by industrials (6 percent), consumer and retail (2 percent), healthcare (2 percent), and energy (2 percent).  Twenty-eight graduates are pursuing their own business ventures.

As for where graduates accepted jobs, in consulting, three companies hired most graduates:

  • McKinsey – 42 students
  • Boston Consulting Group – 31 students
  • Bain & Company – 28 students

Finance offered a little more diversity in regards to the top hiring companies with Credit Suisse (5 students), Goldman Sachs (5), and Partners Group (3) taking the lead. Finally, Amazon was the leader in technology hires employing 10 students, followed by Uber at five hires.

LBS MBA Class of 2019 Top Employers by Sector (Source: LBS MBA Employment Report)

Nearly Half Stay in the UK

While only 8 percent of the class came from the UK, 46 percent chose to stay there for their post-MBA roles.  Another 14 percent accepted jobs in Europe, followed by 13 percent in Asia, and 10 percent in USA/Canada. Overall, almost every continent made an appearance, with 9 percent of graduates taking a job in Latin America, 4 percent in the Middle East, 3 percent in Oceania, and 1 percent in Africa.

Average Post-MBA Salary

On average, LBS graduates earned competitive salaries.  Overall, the Class of 2019 reported average salaries of $106,837 (£83,295) base salary plus $46,711 (£36,243) in other compensation. Based on the averages, the highest-paid graduates were those in consulting, with an average base salary of $113,228 (£87,880), followed by consumer and retail at $111,831 (£87,054), and finance at $107,991 (£84,590). Technology graduates could expect some of the lowest average salaries in US dollars at $96,850 (£75,448).

Class of 2020 Internships

As for the Class of 2020, internships followed the same patterns as the previous five years. Once again, technology was the most popular industry for internships, garnering 37 percent of students. Finance and consulting came in a distant second and third with 28 percent and 18 percent of internships, respectively.

For the full 2019 Employment Report from London Business School, you can download it here.

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