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USC MBA Class Profile: Domestic Diversity in the Marshall Class of 2022

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The USC Marshall School of Business full-time MBA Class of 2022 profile is an example of how the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are not always apparent on the surface. While this year’s incoming students numbered 217—nearly identical to the 2019 class size—the student demographics are far different.

Here are some key elements of the profile:

USC MBA Class Profile: Undergraduate Background

Average Undergraduate GPA 3.55
Percent majoring in arts, humanities, social sciences 29%
Percent majoring in science, technology, engineering, and math 17%
Percent majoring in business 33%

USC Marshall Class of 2022 Student Characteristics

Women 40%
Average Age 28
International Students 12%
Average Work Experience 5 years
Average GMAT Score 707

International Student Enrollment Dips 

Usually, a third of Marshall’s MBA program is made up of international students. This year, they make up just 12 percent. In July, new USC Marshall Dean Geoff Garrett announced via an email to students that the program would not be able to go forward with an in-person or hybrid model and would instead be fully remote, declaring, “We believe that at this time it is not possible for Marshall to assure a safe, healthy and uninterrupted in-person Fall semester experience.” Much of the drop in international student enrollment can be attributed to the many difficulties in getting visas, arranging travel, and navigating ICE policies as programs moved from in-person or hybrid to remote classes.

Minority Representation at Marshall

Marshall categorizes students of color as those who identify as Asian American, African American, Hispanic, Native American and Alaskan native, and Pacific Islander and Native Hawaiian. The school counts these students out of the total domestic student pool, not the total, making this year’s largely U.S.-based student body 44 percent persons of color.

Historically underrepresented minorities, designated as African Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans and Alaskan natives, and Pacific Islander and Native Hawaiians, are tabulated in the same way. As such these students represent 23 percent of the total class.

USC Marshall made headlines a few years ago for reaching gender parity. This year, forty percent of the incoming class are women.

Class of 2022 Professional and Undergraduate Experience

Thirty-three percent of the students hold an undergraduate degree in business or commerce. Sixteen percent have a degree in social sciences, 13 percent in economics, and another 13 percent come from a program in the humanities. Twenty-four percent were working in financial services before enrolling, 15 percent in the technology sector, 12 percent in consulting, and 11 percent were in the media or entertainment industry.

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